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Post deleted with no feedback?

It seems a post I made regarding a Freelancer who stole money was removed with no feedback as to why?

Is it common for posts to be deleted here without notice? I understand moderating a forum to guide content, but no notification or feedback as to why seems a little odd?


Your post violated the forum guidelines. I flagged it. Another moderator must have deleted it. See forum guidelines here → Guidelines - Forum | Webflow

Thanks for the reply!

Do you mind sharing which guideline I violated? I read through the guidelines and didn’t see one my post infringed on.

I understand it is not Webflow’s responsibility to police freelancers, but having a place to share information on freelancers who are using your community to defraud customers would be helpful.

Thanks for your time.


As I said, I only flagged your post. I can’t tell you who acted on it. Most likely it was an Employee.

I exercised my judgement and flagged your post because I felt you violated this specific guideline last part: * Respect one another. Don’t harass anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.

You could always open a ticket but getting in between business dealings is probably not going anywhere but bans do happen.

I’m sorry you had an issue. In the future I suggest more due diligence. Hope you have a better day!


Thanks for the reply and I understand your position on this. It’s just frustrating that the post was deleted without notification. Basically, based on the forum’s guidelines there is no way to hold freelancers accountable, again understand this is not Webflows job :-), but it’s like eBay without the feedback :-(…

I’ll open a support ticket. Again, thanks for your time.