Possible with webflow?

is this possible with webflow?

This is totally possible! Give me a few moments, and I’ll create a page you can work from.

Almost done, David! I’m really enjoying the learning experience. This has been fun.

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Here you go David. I replicated the site as best I could. This is a rather simple animation. It’s important to make note that it makes use of the hide/show command in the interactions panel. The wheel is just a cicle div that stays stationary. It does not move with the divs. Also notice that this animation moves the divs on an axis, instead of moving them independently, as the original does. (A bit tacky if you ask me.) Look the site over, and shoot back with any questions you have.

Super Important:
Make sure to modify the transform settings of each “Moving Div” as follows.
Horizontal: -1500px (half the size of the giant circle)
Vertical: 45px (half the size of the little circle.)

The horizontal value defines your axis point. The vertical value makes the little circle set exactly center on the edge of the big circle so that on rotate, the little circle appears to follow the track on center. Set these however you want in your project. Just make sure your settings are equal to half of the dimensions of the circles.

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