Possible to work with two templates in one project?

Okay, not sure how to put this, or in which section to put it. But here goes!

I’ve got a site that I’m happy with. It’s a resume project with a really nice template. However, I’d like to put a portfolio page in the mix. For that I want to have another tamplate, a portfolio one.

So, for the main page I want the resume page, and for the portolio (that would be placed to domain.com/portfolio for example") I want to work with another template.

Makes sense? Yes? No? Huh, what?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Each collection has one template. You can theme them as you need. Static pages don’t use templates and can be styled uniquely.

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This sure sounds like good news! Thanks!

But I, as a rookie, would need some guidance on where to pull, push and click to make it happen.

Let’s say I have project, a live site. And I’ve found a template I want to use on my portfolio-page. What to do next?


Anoyone who can help me through how to style pages gets a medal! :slight_smile:

Go to the template page you’re wanting. Place an empty div at the top of all objects in the Navigator (just below “body”) drag all elements of the page into this div and copy it. Go to you existing site and paste this div into the page for your portfolio. Take all of the elements out of that div.

You’ll have to add any google fonts manually and reapply in the style palette or they’ll default to Arial.


Thank you!!

Here’s that medal for you