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Possible to setup dyanmic content loaded this way?

So I have set up two CMS collections. One being “Lesson Sections” and the other being “Lessons”. I would like to have a course page setup with a sidebar that allows the user to click on the Lesson Section and under that, the Lessons relative to the section can then be clicked on. I’m then hoping this content can be loaded dynamically on the right hand side where the lesson rich content can be displayed.

Currently I have a reference for Lessons to the Lesson Sections.

I understand I could just set up the pages individually inside a folder, but ideally I would like this to be managed through the CMS.

I couldn’t seem to find any resources on this, and am hoping if anyone could point me in the right direction of doing this.

Here’s how the CMS is currently set up on page

Here’s how I would like it to work. So similar to teachable.

Any help is appreciated!