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Possible to Link to a Search Page?

I would prefer not to embed a search form in either my site’s header or footer. My preference is to do a link to a page. From looking at the default search page in one of the Webflow templates, there is a search form already on the page. Is it possible to link to this page directly? If so, what is the slug? Or – do I need to create a new page with a search form on it?

Here’s a shot of the search page that came with the theme I’m using:

When looking at the page’s settings, I don’t see a slug listed.

I did place the search form in my footer and tried deleting the input field thinking that I could just have the button and then style it. That produced an error.

Thank you in advance for the advice.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @ColleenBrady,

Unfortunately to use the search you need to have the search field available.

However, you can use interactions to hide the search field until the search icon is pressed. It is just a matted of using the hide/show feature in interactions. Or you can use a pre-made one from the site or some of the other Webflow community member resources like

~Happy Designing

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@WebDev_Brandon - Great idea! I like the show / hide suggestion. Thank you!