Possible to integrate Hero Slider to CMS?

Hi guys.

First of all, huge thanks for the CMS. It helps me a lot.

Actually i try to integrate a hero slider with multiple slides into the CMS. But it seems not working. Am i doing something wrong or is there absolutely no way to integrate the hero slider in the CMS?

Thanks in advance!


Depend on what information you want to put in the slider. For example, it will not work like automatically add latest blogposts in the slider.

But you can definitely add content inside the slider from your dynamic collections.
How I would do this:

  1. I would add to “item template” special field where I could add text or number of slide, something like “slide_1”.
  2. To every slide add dynamic collection, and filter it: show only item where field “slide” equal “slide_1” (like example)

I know, it is not the best way, but it is just kinda workaround



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