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Possible to have a section below the footer? ("Under the rug" effect)

I would like to put a background image below the footer, in a style similar to this.

It would be an interesting “reveal” to the person that scrolls to the bottom, but the content and links in the footer section wouldn’t be hidden.

I think I know how to create this under the rug effect. I’m just not sure if it’s possible to put anything below a footer. Is it?

I’m not sure how a selection gets a footer tag in Webflow. Is it simply applied to the bottom section?

(Not posting my Webflow link since this is more of a theoretical question.)

You make the content section that comes from under the footer absolute and to the bottom. You make the the footer z index 1 and you make a transparent div under the footer , make it the same height as the absolute section.

Hope you understand my explanation :slight_smile:

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