Possible to create a payment button that pops up a stripe payment window?

Hi, I want to create a payment button that when you click on it, it pop up a window (stripe). Currently the simple option is a button with a link block with the stripe payment link like this: Stripe Checkout

But I don’t want the visitor to open a new page or to go out of my site.

Is it even possible to create a button that opens a pop up checkout window with stripe payment processor?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You can, but you need javascript for this How to Open Links in a Popup Window - Super Dev Resources

thanks for your kind answer but this opens a new window (small but it’s a new window). Isn’t it possible to make it a pop up (like for example a newsletter pop up that we usually on all websites) ?

No because you can’t Iframe the stripe checkout, is forbidden by their server headers