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Possible to change trigger for an interaction?

I created a handful of interactions using hover as the trigger. I’d like to change those over to clicks, instead. Is it possible to just change the trigger, or do I need to build the interactions over again? From the looks of it, there’s no way to change the trigger type. Am I just overlooking it?

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You’re right it seems you can’t, I wonder if there’s a reason for that.

My guess is that it’s intentional because each trigger type will have its own subset of settings. For instance, hover trigger has a hover on and hover off, whereas a click trigger wouldn’t have a click-off.

Just guessing, but that seems to make sense. Does suck to have to rebuild all of them though. No big deal, still pretty much obsessed with Webflow and how easy it makes this entire process.

I came across this exact same need.

I found that different triggers had slightly different settings.

Instead of handwriting everything… I took screenshot.

Then another time… I opened 2 browsers (on 2 monitors)
and cut & pasted the settings.

Either way is a PIA… but they get the job done.