Possible to change from menu to menu icon if text no longer fits? More liquid?


I am wondering if it is possible to only change from menu to the menu icon if the text will no longer fit, so as the page gets narrower you could change from:

Services Products About Contact Icon


Services Products About Icon


Services Products Icon


In other words that the menu would respond by pushing items behind the burger icon in a liquid way?



Hello @johnsherwin,
I think it is possible. But would be really helpful if you could share a read-only link to the project where you need this. So we could try to find solution with existing element.

Guidance about sharing link you can find here:


Hi Anna, thanks for getting back to me, sorry I didn’t respond but have been busy getting the overall site done. It is a confidential site so not easy to share on forum.

Here is a link for what I am trying to achieve, see how the top level navigation items get added to the “more” link as the horizontal width of the page gets narrower.


I think this is something that Webflow cannot provide natively and needs JS to be added?



Hi again @johnsherwin,
I will probably surprise you, but it is absolutely possible with Webflow :wink:
There is 2 different navigations, which change each other with breakpoints on 1200px

Hi Sabanna, thats interesting! Is there some instruction online about how to implement this?


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