Positioning the Nav Bar centrally

I am trying to centralise the Nav Bar as a Fixed element on my page, but i’m finding it is offset to the left.

Can anyone help me to configure my layout so that the hero image slides behind the Nav Bar, and the Nav Bar is fixed to the top of the page, with a margin on left and right.

Explained better here:

Thank you!


try navbar sticky that might work

HI Jonathan. Yes NavBar sticky works, but then the Nav Bar is sticky. I actually want a FIXED navbar.

@chappardababbar like this ?

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If I make the nav bar FIXED, then how do I add margin to the element below it, without dragging down the nav bar as well?

Alternatively , I want to make the nav RELATIVE, and move the grid up behind it

Explained here:

@chappardababbar is not sticky?
sorry,my english is pretty basic.