Positioning Text from "Collections" to Fall Above Dynamic List

Hi Webflow team,

I’ve added a “click” interaction to each of my speakers section (in order to show/hide text) and have tried to reposition the dynamic text to land above the speakers rather than on the images. I’ve tried switching the positioning, etc - perhaps I am missing something?


Thank you!

Hello @Allix_Hannah

Do you mean like this?

Hi @aaronocampo! Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded an example above - the text would fall moreso above their headshots, (or below, for the bottom row) and expand out like my example, if that was possible.

Take a look at this page http://interactions.webflow.com example 3. Maybe thats what you need.

Let me know if so, or if you need any other help.

That’s exactly what I need!

I’m working within a dynamic list, so it’s a little more complicating to position the way I would like, similar to the example above.

Perhaps something like this:

you can see it better here:


Do you think that we could have the text above the entire row of speakers, and have the text the width of the page itself?


In that case I would suggest using tabs, because otherwise you will have to play with absolute positioning for a lot of divs.

If you make the entire tab as your image container with all the stuff that you have for each team member you could achieve something like that.


But the information is being pulled from the dynamic list text, so it’s automatic in that sense so I would not have to manually assign each individual div to an interaction, right? They can all be positioned the same, I just would like them to be above the speakers.

When you say tab, do you mean the wrapper, or container?

If you’re using tabs you can’t pull data from the CMS so tabs is not an option. If you are pulling data from CMS then you wouldn’t need to deal with lots of divs, so just position the div info where ever you need and then set the interaction as I mentioned.


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