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Positioning question across form factors

I’m having trouble with a basic positioning issue. I have a site with an image at the top, and I want to put a slider to start just below it, on all form factors. I have tried multiple combinations of layouts, positions, spaces, and I cannot get this to work.

I’m sure this is a simple setup that I’m missing, but so far I cannot figure it out.

Thanks for any help.

Here is my site Read-Only:

What do you mean by this?

Form factors: desktop, tablets, phones…

What is that you can’t make it work? Some screenshots, annotations or a video of the issue help a lot.

That last response: “I cannot get this to work” did not come from me. I think someone hacked my account?

I provided my read-only share. Please open it and take a look.

All I want to do is display the slider (“slider”) directly below the image (“image13”) in all form factors (desktop, tablet, and both phone orientations). I would think that should be a basic task, but I can’t figure out the right position settings.

I made a small video for you fixing the issue on your read only link:

Please always take into consideration your display settings. Maybe if you could take a look at this course about positioning would help a lot with these kinds of issues.


Thanks! Basically all I had to do was leave all the settings in their default values. Duh.