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Hi Webflow,

Since yesterday I have working on optimizing a site that I just updated with new info. I tried it in different browsers and enlarged and made the site smaller to see how it would respond. Also checked the site in different devices.

It’s not good, I tried different things, for example to change everything to percentages instead of pixels, because on largers screens fonts and stuff appeared very small in pixels. But still now, the site looks good in webflow, but awful on my phone, tablet and basically anywhere else.

I have surfed around the form for some tips, but they all seemed to case to case basis examples. Also one time someone was referred to the courses of webflow. But I never seen a positioning video or course. And I followed all the videos that exist.

So how do i do I fix this and also for all my other sites, cause even purchased templates look awful on different devices…

Shared link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wedowe?preview=29e2c3714ef52ba50a39515a3723699d



@sabanna can you maybe help me?


Try the following;

Yeah, but @Matty doesn’t it then go over my navbar?

Not on my screen it doesn’t, the content section is separate from the navigation.

All right, it solved the desktop issue @Matty thanks! But for other devices it’s still messed up, which is weird, cause in webflow it does look good on those devices…

Can you explain what you mean by things are messed up on the other devices? before you changed the content section to 100% when I went through all the different devices the website wasn’t responsive. Now by changing that setting the content section changes to fit the screen resolution.

If you provide me with a screenshot of what seems to be messed up I will try my best to help :smile:

It didn’t for me when I visited the site on my phone for example. I will take a screenshot now and show it, so you can see what I mean.

This is how it looks on my phone for example @Matty

Thats strange, as when I go through the different devices on webflow it doesn’t look anything like that.

I tried viewing it on my phone and can see what you are seeing, not as bad however. I’m afraid you may have to wait for the experts sorry.

Thanks @Matty for helping to this point. I have the same thing on webflow. And it’s scary to see that it doesn’t look the way or anything like the way it looks in the designer. So yeah @cyberdave @thewonglv @PixelGeek. This would be a great time to jump in :).

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