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Positioning Interaction Help

We would like to duplicate this effect:

If you make the browser window small, the hamburger icon appears. We know how to do that - no problem. The neat effect is that when you click the hamburger menu icon, a panel slides in from the left. Very cool!

The size of the panel is fixed - not responsive. That works for what we need. I can more or less duplicate that effect by floating left a div of fixed width inside a wrapper div. I place another div inside the wrapper, and inside that the webflow responsive columns. All that works great.

I can then add interactions onto the left floated div. Specifically, I can turn the block display on or off. That all works great, too. I get most of the effect that I want. My problem is that I cannot add any transition time to turning the block display on or off. I add msecs, but nothing happens. So it is all or none - no sliding or transition.

If I “move” the left floated div, the occupied space remains the same.

Would you have a suggestion or trick for how they achieved this effect on the Taylor Swift site?

Thanks in advance for any help!

First please post a share link. Are you using the built in menu or a button with an interaction to show/hide a menu in a div?

Hi, generally this is possible to have the transition time effect to your interactions, but I would need to see your public site link to look at how you have the styles setup. I see you have submitted a support case on this, so if you so not want to share your public link on the forum, you can send it to me in support also.

Cheers, Dave