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Positioning - absolute, fixed or sticky?


When I click on the dropdown menu, the menu list appears behind the tab links. I need the dropdown menu list to appear infront of the tab links.

I know this is happening because their ‘Relative to’ target is different. Is there any way to change the target of the ‘Relative to’ ?

If not, what Positioning do I need to change to achieve the desired result? I’m getting a bit confused.

Please refer to the images.

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Thank you

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The tab menu is fixed, so that’ why it prevals on the dropdown. So either try not to have the tab menu fixed, or make the block were the dropdown is fixed as well, and give a higher z-index to it.

@vincent I can only change the position of the tab links to either Fixed or Sticky, but in both cases, the position is Relative to Body.

It’s already positioned to Fixed. and that’s sort of the problem. Because the dropdown is Relative to this block.

Screenshot attached for your easy reference.