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Positioning a button

Hi all,
I would like to place a button next to another one. But every time I copy and paste the first button, it is on top of the other one. So I want to place a button next to the “let’s chat” button.
This is from the course from the university and I think I messed something op…
It is in the tablet tab. On the desktop tab it is good.

Best regards,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@Lerche Can you share your preview link?

Hi! Thanks for the reply! Probably I was a little too fast but I started over again. I don’t have a paid membership (yet) so only 2 projects so I had to delete it.When I come to the same point with the same problem I’ll share the preview link.

Thanks again!

@Lerche No problem! I was having the same problem too.