Position sticky not working on tablet?

Hi everyone,

I followed this tutorial from pixelgeek to create this sticky sidebar with the content changing on scroll:

I think it was working on tablet before but now it is not although I don’t remember changing anything on tablet. Column 2 is not sticky and is staying fixed at the top unlike desktop where it scrolls down with the content. When you preview you can see the issue. I compared the values of all the elements on desktop and mobile and unless I’m missing something it is all the same so not sure what happened. Any help is appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


Ok I fixed that issue, I had body overflow set to Auto on mobile. Setting it to ‘Show’ fixed it. However I’m having another issue on all screen widths, where Content 1 is disappearing if you scroll down, up, down, then up again.

The first content is ‘The Official Website’ header with black background. If you do the following: scroll down, scroll up, scroll down, scroll BACK up then it stays on content 2 and there’s no way to see content 1 again. So this content disappears completely. I tried removing the content 1 out animation as suggested in Youtube comments, also tried adjusting the offset, but no matter what this still happens. Is there any way to make this work? I’ve rewatched and followed along with the video over and over but for some reason it’s just not working. Could this be a bug maybe or am I missing something? Thank you in advance for your help!!