Position Sticky HELP


I have been working on a horizontal scrolling page but can’t get my navbar to stick to the left hand side of my page in touch devices. Webflow preview mode in portrait and google console work when using mouse wheel.

Does anyone know a fix?


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

If you just want it to stay there why not just set it to position absolute for mobile and put it where you want?

Thanks @DFink

That alone didn’t work.
I placed navbar inside body which has a set max-width. the navbar doesn’t move along the x-axis when scrolling right both in webflow preview window and published link.
I am not a coder but have added some custom js code after some googling that detects how far page scrolled and updates pos left of navbar (x). that works like a charm in google console, still doesn’t work in mobile. :sweat: Any idea why?

Why do you have a max width set? If you want to do that, there’s no way it’ll be responsive on mobile. It’s just not possible.