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Position Right Panel to side of page with no scrolling


I want my ‘right panel’ to stay/stick on screen while scrolling. How can i do this.

It is the grey section with the box inside on the right.


Hi @bwalls1992, thanks for reaching out! Could you also share the page the grey section is on ? A screenshot to pinpoint this will be very helpful :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

One method to use, is to create a sidebar kind of effect, take a look at our flexbox example here:

I hope this helps!

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It is the page under the Artist Onbarding folder. Im unsurehow to share an exact page?

Hi @bwalls1992 thanks for the update. It is not possible to share the exact page, but a screenshot of the element and letting us know the page name is enough.

I took a look, and to fix that right side panel to the page, one method to use is to set the right panel style to position Fixed with a right side anchor:

I hope this helps!

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