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Position Picker, Widget

Hi, I’d like to achieve something like this …

is this somehow possible with Webflow and some custome code ? It’s just for a mock up, but i don’t have any clue how to do this!

If someone could help me, this would be fantastic!!

Thank you very much in advance!

Webflow has been made to do that (: And without custom code, rather Interactions.

Let me find the appropriate tutorial and I’ll be back.

ok please start by watching this video :

You should be able to make your own after that.

The principle is: design your page as it would be with the panel unfolded, then hide to panel by moving it down, and create a click trigger interaction to target it and move it back up.

And check here Example 3

thanks for the help…but there is an misunderstanding, since I explained very bad what I want to achieve!

I’d like to rebuild this time/date picker but with other data. I need this kind of “blue selecting area”.

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