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POSITION FILLED Code help fix with Swiper JS (multiple carousels, custom arrows fix, etc)

Hello talented people,

Need some custom code/mods for my homepage site, details listed below. DM/Drop below your portfolio work/brief info + pricing please (full project cost or hourly with estimate of time to complete).


Swiper Js integrations fixes (modify existing code):

  1. CMS slider carousels (4 total with arrows - 3 for desktop and for mobile the experience section will turn into CMS carousel with arrows) need to be draggable (like is right now) but with scroll bar (styled per below CSS and scrollable as is now)- want it to show up on both mobile and desktop and do not want to disappear at any point. So would need them named/styled so they can be dragged/clicked individually. I want you to show me the naming conventions in case I need to add more at any point (before when mobil was enabled it would disappear after scrolling, I want it visible 100% of the time).
  2. Need to make arrows clickable for each carousel individually (right now they don’t work at all), so taking my arrows and assigning the functionality of swiper arrows without changing the design.

Desktop fixes:

  1. CMS carousels - when you click-drag carousel past end of scroll bar the bar disappears completely, don’t want to disappear just stop the same way you do if you drag the scroll bar only.

Read-only site:

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