Portrait Video Dimensions

I want to set a custom width and height (e.g. portrait instead of landscape) to a responsive video – that autoplays and loops with player controls suppressed.

I tried:

  • Using the custom div block method, but the video height does not conform to the div block.
  • Using background video, but it’s glitchy.

This site (scroll to the middle) has the desired video treatment. It seems to be embedded using custom code. How can this be achieved?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hey @Dark, the youtube video that you have embedded is in the 16:9 format, so no matter what the dimensions of your custom div block are, the video will scale down maintaining the 16:9 aspect ration.

From the website you have linked, it looks like the designer has used the background video component and uploaded a video in a strict 2:1 (mobile view format) from their uploads. You see to have that implemented on your site as well. You can wrap that with a div block, add some padding and border-radius to mimic an iPhone.