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Portfolio overlay looks different on preview than live site


I have a purple overlay on my portfolio squares. It shows as purple (standard, without hover) on the preview, but when I look on my website live on desktop or mobile, the purple overlay only appears on hover.

I’d like the purple overlay to be the default with no action needed. I’d like it to stay purple. Your help is appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Alicia's Trendy Site

HI @Alicia_Sloan your animation is behave as you have set it up. To make your overlay move up on hover you need to set animation initial state to 0 (for now its initial state is set to -100%) and than make changes to rest of elements to make animation work opposite way as is set now.

Hope that make sense and will help you to set animation behaviour as you need.

Hi @Alicia_Sloan If you do not have further question related to your request feel free to close your request as solved.