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Portfolio images not wrapping properly

I’m working on redesigning my personal site and I can’t seem to figure out why the second image link in my portfolio keeps getting kicked down to a second row.

Here are some things I know so far:

  1. When I reduce the width of the div from 50% to 49%, the second image is pulled back up into the first row.
  2. The problem seems to be localized to my iphone and the ipad simulator I ran on Browserstack.
  3. I tried both Safari and Chrome on my iphone, both yielding the same result.
  4. I am unable to reproduce the problem in Chrome with my laptop, even when reducing the browser width down to 320px.
  5. However, the problem manifests in Safari even at full screen width on my laptop. (I think I’m seeing a small band of white on the left side of the first image. I can’t seem to locate the source with the developer tool though.)
  6. I’ve tried switching it up between % width and VW width. Both produce the same results.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, @ryanjames.

If you will remove FLOAT settings from dynamic item (“Thumbitem”) everything will get fixed. You don’t really need that setting if you using flexbox.


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Awesome! That worked great. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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