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Portfolio done with webflow

Hello. Just finished my firs webflow project, my online portfolio:
Let me have your inputs…



Absolutely amazing. Top notch!

Sweet site @abcarvalho! The only thing that I think will help is to increase the contrast for the numbers in your sliders/tabs in your gallery. The numbers are really hard to see, but you have good content to show so it should be more obvious. Cheerio!

Gorgeous. similar to thesergie: I totally missed the galleries in the iPhones at bottom of Toss It & Olivari pages. That said, don’t know if my brain’d realize “those numbers superimposed just below the iPhone’s screen signify a gallery for me to click on!”

Re. your Case Studies: How did you do the text over the sections that have a white background? For some reason when viewed on my retina display the titles and paragraphs all have a low rez ‘photocopy-of-a-poor-photocopy’ appearance (while all the images look perfect!).

thank you for sharing your work!

Everything looks superb @abcarvalho. My feedback would be:

  1. Make it more obvious that there are other projets to see. I totally missed it on my first visit. Maybe make that section height bigger, and maybe an icon or an underline beneath the text.

  1. I’ve noticed you’ve used full images for certain parts of your portfolio, but as you might know it’s not a good web practice. Webflow has all the killer tools and features to make this image an HTML, responsive design :wink:

Cheers buddy!