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Portfolio Block Help

On my website at the very bottom I’ve got a few portfolio blocks set up. When being viewed they come across invisible but once mouse goes over that section it shows . How do I fix this ?

Go Legacy interactions, then click on the first portfolio block, remove the opacity 0% from step 1 :slight_smile:

@Nicholasbee1… the hover interaction is actually backwards… it goes from visible to 0… even on the other steps. Trying using Styles panel css transitions. Add color on ‘Normal’, then States, add color on ‘Hover’, then back to ‘Normal’ state, go to bottom, click Transition and add Background Color, choose 400ms.

Reason being is, you want to minimize javascript actions, where you can use CSS.

How would I do that ?

Oh okay… I’ll take a quick look at your read-only link. Also, there’s a live company Workshop with John Williams the head of Content Strategy. Go to forum header and get the link. These workshops help tremendously in learning ‘how Webflow is constructed’.

I’ll take a peek at your site.

I looked, but not sure what you’re problem is? Are you asking how to get into Legacy interactions?

Yeah How do I get into legacy ?

Here underneath the Lightning Bolt Interactions panel:

Toggling this gives access to Interactions 1.0, moving it back is Interactions 2.0. And you can use both, which is great for more simplier actions. It’s also possible to combine them both on the same element :slight_smile:
Can get a little tricky but there are instances where it makes sense.

Once you toggle, you then have to click on an element in the Designer.

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