Portfolio - account plan and site plan

Hello, Im Daniel and Im studying to be a ux designer.

I am interested in building a UX portfolio however the topic of which site plan and account plan to choose seems to be a very confusing one and by the looks of it through google searc, many others are in the same boat.

My first question is regarding account plans: If I build my portfolio on the “starter” ** plan up until when its ready to publish, can I upgrade to the lite plan in order to transfer the code and publish along with the site plan or is my work at that point non transferable? Should I just choose the “lite” plan from the beginning? Since I’m learning I want to make use of the starter plan however I dont want to commit so much of my design and then have to start all over again when I upgrade to the lite version.

Second question is regarding Site Plans: Do I need CMS for my portfolio?

Note: I was thinking of using this template for my portfolio before adding my twist to it:

Nero - Portfolio HTML5 Responsive Website Template

@Daniel_L Welcome to the community!

Allow me to provide an explanation. Site Plans are for when you want to take advantage of Webflow’s hosting and point your website to a custom domain (e.g example.com). Upgrading your Account Plan will allow you to create more projects, have advanced staging, transfer projects between accounts, and export the code to host your site elsewhere.

When you upgrade your account or get a site plan, you will not lose any work you have done. You will just get access to the features that come with the upgrade. Please note that until you purchase a site plan, you can publish your project to your-site.webflow.io and people will be able to see it there.

I know this still may be a bit unclear so here is a video by @PixelGeek that may better explain things to you. Explaining the Webflow plans and pricing (2020) - YouTube