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Porte-Folio with Recalcitrant Box Shadow and some feed back please :)

Hello there,

I have been playing around with Webflow for a few weeks. Making a portefolio and a E-commerce to see how it goes.
Would love 2 things from my fellow webflower :slight_smile:

On the Porte-folio the custom container appears to have a box shadow…except it does not. I don’t understand where the shadow is coming from. It on the first project level.

Any idea?

Second I would not mind some feedback on the second project SIDIBÉ.
I have used a template and then removed almost everything which lost me a lot of time.
Before I rebuild the project, properly, from sratch I would love to know what you think

A quick check and I am able to see two box shadows on the home page.
1.) Even though the box shadow is set to 0s, it should be deleted for “clean code” appearances.
2.) In the Body is a box shadow. Delete it. Better yet, I suggest removing it’s class.

I was just blind to it for some reason. I think I have checked every element but the body.
Thank you very much for your time :slight_smile: