Porfolio Template - Hamburger button wrong

I created a project using this template:

After creation, I didn’t do anything, just published it and the hamburg menu icon is not working properly, I have to click on it like 3 times quickly to make the menu appear, it doesn’t work the way it works on the preview of the template.

I click on it, and it gets highlighted but nothing happens, the menu does not appear.

However it seems to be working in Safari and in Firefox but it doesn’t work in Chrome but the preview of the template works in Chrome too

here’s the read only shared link:

Please help, thank you

Hi @zaza23

Could you share your read only link of that cloned project please.

It could be a simple issue, but seems odd that you didn’t do anything and then it stops working. I’ve just cloned it and it works fine, perhaps you deleted something without realising or amended an interaction?

If you haven’t changed anything, delete the project and clone again to see if that works.

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Hi, yes thank you:


This is not a bug so I have changed the category accordingly, you have changed the settings of the navigation.

You’ve given the nav menu a fixed position and the original is absolute, as well as other settings that have changed. It will be simpler to copy and paste the navigation from the original template into your site.

To do this, clone the template again, select the navbar element, press CMD+C (CTRL+C on windows) open your current project and press CMD+V (CTRL+V) on the body element.

Hope that helps.

Hi, thank you for your reply. The copy paste thing doesn’t work as it says the clipboard is empty.
But I created a new project from the same template and I did not touch this at all but it doesn’t work either for me in Chrome browser.

here’s the link:

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