Popup Team CMS Collections

Hello Everyone
I need help with an interaction POPUP team that are inside of CMS Collection

Here is Video

Here is the Preview Link

Here is the Interaction that i am trying to build under WePower team. “Click any team members” and will show a popup"

I appreciate your help
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Here is my public share link: LINK
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Welcome to Webflow. This problem requires a few steps to fix:

  1. Add another DIV block and drag your ‘avatar image link’ into it.

  2. Remove the interaction from avatar image link.

  3. Select your newly added DIV and add the interaction to it.

  4. Drag your ‘Team Popup Wrap’ into the newly added div block.

  5. In the team popup link choose ‘limit to nested elements’.

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@JSW Thank you so much, that work really nice but now I noticed the closed button doesn’t want to function, I change the Z-Index but i can fiquere why doesnt closed. Do you think you check it out for me? I truly appropriate your help :slight_smile: