PopUp not formatting - sticks to bottom / padding

Situation: A webflow page with a popup element, interaction triggered from an on-page button. The full page darkened background is a 100VW x 100VH fixed div (Div Block 100x100 Viewport). An HTML element is a child div (Div PopUp OL) of the above background div, with a 400x400 white background square that should be centered on the page, holding an html element with code from a GoHighLevel form.

On-page Interaction Button with Trigger: Speak With An Advisor

Problem: The popup performs properly, however, Div PopUp OL sticks to the top and bottom of the page. There are two options for HTML code from GoHighLevel: ‘PopUp’ shows the popup white background element in full white; ‘Inline’ shows a black border around the form, as if there were padding around the form code that shows the open div black behind the form code.

Settings, screen grab illustrations and details are included on this GDoc: Video Popup Question - Google Docs

I’ve changed so many settings with no success.

Thank you for your help!

Here is my public share link: