Popup Modal Position

Hey there,

I’m having a problem positioning a popup center of the display,
If you open the link below you can see i have a filter column and a collection column

basically i’ve created a trigger inside collection items that would trigger the popup (gradient), and i’ve set the main container to be fixed and the popup to be absolute with 0% all round,
the behaviour i’m getting:

  • on Safari + FF: the container spans over the screen, but the popup is centered to the right column only
  • Chrome: the container only spans the right column.

Reason why i have the gradient set to absolute as a trigger and not the item itself, i’ve tried making the item itself trigger the and the problem wasn’t solved

pls help…


Here’s my read-only link

Turns out i’ve had a 2D and 3D transformation effect set on one of the partens, that made it float weird and caused all the problems

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