Popup modal bug?

Hello everyone, new to Webflow and would like to ask for some help form the community!

I’m trying to create a custom popup modal for email capture - however after added a Div into the body, I seem to get various bugs in the site code which changes various elements of the page whilst not seeming to be coding correctly. the errors seem to change after each attempt despite following the same guide? is their a good samaritan within the community who can perhaps help support with fixing this bug? perhaps a Zoom screen share to help demonstrate the issue better?

Kind Regards

Hi Sunny, share your readonly website link, and also a link to a published version of your site, I’ll take a look.

Is your custom popup script-based or are you using Webflow interactions?

Hi Michael,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to respond to my post :slight_smile:

I’ve tried my best to troubleshoot, I have now created a modal wrapper containing a div block and container (as appose to a contact form, as I plan to use the button to take you to account registration instead.) however I am unable to position the container to bottom left as the Layout display is Block Elements which does not give me the ability to adjust Spacing


I believe I need to change the Spacing ‘centre’ element, however I do not know how to do this retrospectively?

Actually its the Div that will need re-spacing?

Edit* it’s not the Div, it’s the Model Wrapper!

Edit** I seemed to have resolved this issue! yay!

Side note - I’m sure this is a simple fix, how do we apply the following border effect?

Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 12.25.14


Box shadow is under settings. Select the outer div.
If you’re using some kind of jquery lib, you’ll either want to set a class on it ( that you have defined in webflow ), or it may have shadow options as well.