Popup Form - Slide not showing content

Currently I have all the slides of my popup form setup with animations on each transition, however, when the popup is in block view mode I cannot see the next button or access the other slides.

Any help or hints on the matter would be much-appreciated thankyou

Here is my site Read-Only: [https://preview.webflow.com/preview/almsommerparty?preview=093ade9e2ced8343c092e2f56412366c]


HI @miguel_Brucker

Just removing every single one of your Legacy interactions alone makes the Next button appear. There shouldn’t be anything legacy can do that IX 2.0 can’t do, if you can try not to mix Legacy and IX 2.0 as it will cause bugs.

Have a closer look which interactions are causing the issue. I moved this to design help, as it’s a self inflicted bug :grin:



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