Populate selection item based on selected item

Hi Webflow Posse

I have been looking this up and driving me a little crazy. You guessed it, I am not a developer.

I have 2x dropdown selectors on a form:

  1. ‘Location’
  2. ‘Hidden Email Response Dropdown For Zapier & CRM’ (This will be hidden, once published)

Image 1

I would like to, if I selected the 2nd Item on ‘Location’ ie ‘Early Learning - Ocean Keys’ (See Image 2) to automatically populate the accompanying ‘Hidden Email Response …’ dropdown with the 2nd Item also ie 'oceankeys_reposnse., … and so on. (See Image 3)

Image 2

Image 3

Please note the dropdown content is not CMS driven and at this stage, if I can help it, in this instance, don’t want it CMS driven.

Any help on this code, would be highly appreciated. Many thanks anybody for your help.

The page with this simplified form is on a page called : ‘Zapier Tester’

Regards, Saff.

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