Populate lightbox video with URL from CMS

We can link images from a CMS to a lightbox. What about URLs?

Let’s remember that Lightbox elements can take video URLs.

I have a link field in my CMS but it won’t let me select it from the Media dropdown:


Appreciate the help!

Are you trying to display an externally hosted image?
You might try a 3rd party solution;

Not really. When you put a link (URL) in the media field of a lightbox, it loads that link (as long as its a youtube or vimeo link).

I’m trying to do the same. I have a video link (youtube) in the CMS that I want the lightbox to display.

If your CMS field is a link field, Webflow won’t know what to do with it and won’t have the media prepared. If it’s a video field, Webflow should be able to bind it to the lightbox media attribute.

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In Lightbox you can also use a link to an external video loaded from the CMS. In CMS the link must be saved as “Video link” type, with this type it will be displayed in the editor.