Pop up window in mobile landscape not working

HELP!! It’s driving me crazy and I’ve searched the boards with no resolution… here’s my issue. I have 3 pop up windows on a website that work beautifully on the designer and preview for each break point. However, when you view it from an actual mobile device on landscape all the content spills out of the window. I’ve tried messing with multiple settings but since I can’t view the issue in the designer/preview it’s hard for me to diagnose and fix the issue. Any idea of what could be wrong?

Viewed from an actual mobile device:

Read Only: Webflow - TheMichele

Lot of little things so I made a video. See if you can implement these changes:

Thank you! It’s almost there now. So your tips did help. It still cuts it off at the top and makes it scroll but I’ll try to improve it some more. I just wish the preview would show more accurately. I don’t mind the scroll but I don’t want the image cut off.

Edit: I got it to work! The only thing I had to do additional was bring the image size down to 300px wide… I’ve now realized I added the wrong image but that’s an easy fix.