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Pop Up Modal showing before the click action

Hello Webflow community,

It is not the first time I am facing this kind situation :
I made a pop up modal which is supposed to show when the user click on “view more colors” to show show a color slider in a pop up modal.

Unfortunately, the pop up shows directly when we get on the page…

I have set the initial state of the pop up div to none, and also the overlay of the div to none… But it still shows when it shouldn’t…

Please can anyone help me or explain me what I am doing wrong …

Thanks a lot for your help !

XX Amélie

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Hello, I think you have set your initial state on the interactions as show.
This needs to be hidden.
If that makes sense.
If I am correct please tick heart and solution to keep forum clean.

Thanks @iDATUS !
But now I have a new issue, the pop up shows once you click on it, it closes perfectly as expected, but If I want to open it a second time, it does’nt work…

Did you resolve the new issue or am I missing something,
I click view 36 colours it pops open, I close, I click view 36 colours it pops open again,.

Dear @iDATUS Yes, I manage to resolve everything.
I re-did some elements, and everything is ok now.
I truly appreciate your support, thank you.

Amélie :wink:

Please tick me heart and solution so others know its been sorted.