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Pop-up modal interaction causing scroll to freeze?

Hello Webflowers!

I have been working on a client site for some time, and have recreated a new popup modal for an “Info Request” form. I am not the original creator of this site, and have essentially been working within the bounds of the previous design team. This is the first time I am seeing a popup form (or any type of form) cause issues with scroll freezing.

I’ve checked to ensure that no interaction triggers are causing overflow:hidden, and there doesn’t seem to be a logical reason why this unique situation is occurring.

Additionally, for any of those who do take a look at this site, please note the ‘CSS - global’ symbol on the home page. In my experience, lengthy style sheets haven’t ever been necessary with Webflow. Hence the “code-free site” slogan. Wondering if maybe something buried in that code is what’s effecting this?

*the form I am referring to is triggered when you click on “I’d Like More Info” in the prefooter at the bottom of the homepage. Thanks to anyone who may be of some help!

A Fellow Webflower

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