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Pop-up Menu / Help!

Hi there Webflow community people,

I was wondering if you had a solution for getting a full page pop-up result like the one on this website, when you click on the hamburger icon on the right top hand side.

I think I know how to make it to link into a new page, though I want it to pop-up like this one and have no loading time (unless they have implemented it on a new page? i’m just not sure)


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Drag out a navbar element, go to the settings tab and set the hamburger to show on all devices (using the little slider on the settings tab), open the menu (using the “open menu” button on the settings tab when you have the navbar selected), select the nav menu wrapper and give it a class name and style it like shown:

No seperate pages or anything like that, just a menu, set to fill the page :smile:
Also, structure the layout similar to this if you need multiple columns of menu items or info:

Check it out on my latest site I’m working on:

Heya Jaiden,

Really liking the turnout of the website so far! Really nice and clean, just how you’d want your car i suppose! Nice loader as well :wink: I saw that kit by Pixel Buddha? I couldn’t get the change of colours for my brand though.

The grandpa puts his paws on the little kids fresh wash though, jees haha.

Though i’ll test this out! I’ll get back to you asap.


Haha thanks Julian! Glad you’re liking the site, I’ve got a few colors to tweak and the gallery to finish - home stretch! I’m considering changing the preloader, like you said its from pixel budda but I want something even more minimal and small along the lines of the one you used. But haven’t been able to find anything as minimal as that, is yours from another loader pack somewhere? If you open them in Photoshop you can change the colors to whatever you wish ;). Also IKR that grandpa needs to keep his hands off the kids clean car heh. Its actually just placeholder footage from - the client has his own video footage to use eventually, I will be sad to see the kid and grandpa go :stuck_out_tongue: