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Pop Up Form Error with Close Button and Navbar

I’m creating a pop up form for [GrindHub][1], and ran into a few problems:

  1. A close button in the top right corner of the form. For some reason it won’t move over there as much as I try to change it.

  1. Navbar is blocking the Pop Up form. Not sure if it is the Navbar or Pop Up Form that is incorrect.

  2. The box “Please List Any Cloud Tool You Use”, it shows on my side that the input box is filled to the Submit button, but that’s not the case when on the published site. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

*Here’s the read-only link as Will suggested:

*Update: I decided to just move the form down. Still happy to hear any suggestion on editing the navbar in case it happens on other browsers or devices.

Hey @brandontluong, thanks for the detailed post but we need your site’s read-only link. :slight_smile:
More info on read-only links here: