pop-up at the beginning of the site

Hello everybody. I have a task to create a site for dentists, and if a person gets to the page, then the survey “Are you a dentist or not?” and if the person clicks yes, then he remains on the page and can see the information, and if he clicks no, then to be transferred to another page.

Will I be able to implement this? (So ​​that it worked correctly). And if possible, how best to do it?

In my opinion it doesn’t have to be a pop-up. You can create a Div that contains both options. Clicking on “Yes I am a dentist” will remove the Div containing the questions. Clicking on “No…” will take the user to another page

That is, place the div on the entire screen, and fix it so that until the person clicks on the button, he will not have the opportunity to scroll and see the information?

Ok, go for it. What You need to do is to use Div and Position: Absolute. Make the Div to appear on page upload. If You need some instruction in tailoring that element does not hesitate to reach out