Pop up appearing on blog posts using Cookie for display rules

I am working on the website of my client - https://www.metapraxis.com/ and am kinda puzzled about what’s the best solution to do with the feature they would like to add to it.
They have a CMS-based blog Metapraxis blog & news | Metapraxis which they’d like to update with the follwoing - when opening the post a little pop up should show up to subscribe for the newsletter and the content of the post is shown only once the form is filled in, as the pop up disappears :slight_smile:

My question is - how should it be handled the best?
Obviously, pop up shouldn’t show up once user filled it in on one of the blog posts and should show the content of other posts straight forward. Is there any Cookie custom code someone can share with me to use for this? I never used cookies before and not sure if I can stop showing something forever with them :smiley:
I was able to find some topic regarding this, but they were all referring to mailchimp forms, but not regular Webflow block positioned absolutely with a form inside, so that made me think I need a Forum help with what’s the event I should trigger cookie code and etc.

Many-many thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Master MPX Website