Poor performance – Vimeo autoplay+loop embeds

I am experiencing quite bad performance on this agency portfolio page, whenever there are vimeo embeds with autoplay+loop.

As it is for a Motion Design Agency there are a few animation loops here and there.

However it seems like hover animation loops are not any problem. Only when loading the case pages.
Especially in Safari. (Here also the Lotti preload animation breaks up).
It seems like the problem is connected to having more than one vimeo embed with autoplay and loop…

Any suggestions or insight on how to improve performance?
I am starting to suspect Vimeo might not be the best solution for this, but I don’t see how to add videos to a collection page otherwise…

The Case pages ara made with a nested collection pages, which means it is possible to choose from different design-modules.

Read only link:

Did you guys found a solution to this problem?