Poor Mobile Speed, Great Desktop Speed

I am trying to improve my mobile site performance and have made a lot of progress today implementing changes recommended by Lighthouse, but I still have a performance score of 32 despite A’s in everything else. My desktop site runs fantastic.

I am curious if there is one or a few big problems, or if I need to optimize a ton of little things.

So far, I have eliminated unused Javascript, converted all my image assets to Webp, deleted all my unused assets, deleted unused fonts (I don’t know how to delete the fonts that come with Webflow or if that’s possible), and got rid of all HTML embeds I was using.

Uploads-SSL keeps coming up as an issue in almost every problem area, but I don’t know what else I can do with my assets to speed things up.

Could someone offer some help?

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Is your code minified?
Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 3.11.09 PM

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, it is. I don’t have Use Secure Frame Headers checked, should I?


That would disable the ability for your site to be iframed and offers some clickjacking protection. Webflow labels this as “Secure Frame Headers” but it is actually a flag to enable the X-Frame-Options security header which you can read about at web.dev security headers

I see, thanks for that info. Any thoughts on why my performance is so slow?

How would I view your published page for testing if you did not share it?

I shared my Read-Only link in this post. My live site is woopunch.com

You have to really go through the reports and determine what things you can address. I would question why you are using a 1463x960 background image that is 300+k for a rendered 75px wide link. Makes no sense. I stopped there.

I’m assuming you are referring to the logo, but it was only 9.8kb. I replaced it with a 75x75px version and that brought it up to 65 which helped a lot. I’m not a web designer by trade and learned webflow from scratch to create my website 3 years ago and I am just now going back to optimizing it.

Is it only background images that this is a problem for? That was the only background image I’ve used other than the general background color image I use for the homepage (which I just replaced with an svg).

Can you point me to a good article on image sizes and how best to optimize them for Webflow?


For mobile, a giant image maybe disrupts the score.
Avoid any high-resolution image or larger size.

I recommend converting to webp and testing the size.

PS: you have some image converted webp but with resolution +3000with and +400kb

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