Poor image quality on collections

Currently I cant find a way to disable the HiDPI settings for collections. This in turn is making my images very pixelated because webflow is not respecting the image size I am supplying it via my collection. Can someone please help me disable this feature?

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I’d suggest having a look at the sizes="4vw" attribute on the img element


I’m not sure if you set it manually as a custom attr, if not I’m sorry. I’m not sure this is the correct syntax of it, the 4vw value might result in only serving the smallest srcset file regardless of actual viewport and space in layout width…

@RDaneelOliwav I just used the web inspector to delete that and it worked. However, I don’t see this set anywhere in webflow. It doesn’t appear to be on the image asset on the page. Have any idea why or where this might be being set?

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Try removing the height/width values from the image settings and check if you set custom attr just below that!


Do you have custom code somewhere that could cause this?

just a quick side note, why do you use grid for such simple layouts with sometimes a single img?


I just found the answer on this older post here

"The bug you are describing is an old problem with grids. For now the only way to fix this is disable responsive images for the images in the grid. Press CMD+SHIFT+O on Mac or CTRL+SHIFT+O on Windows, then click the checkbox that’s revealed in the image settings panel (“responsive images”). - @dram

Thank you @dram, you saved me on this one. I hope Webflow fixes this soon.


Ha! but I was close :grin:

@RDaneelOliwav when designing the pages in use the same grid that I have duplicated in code. This way I can have all my designs mirrored in code near exactly as expected. Probably also draws from my past bootstrap and foundation experience of always specifying the spans.

I see :slight_smile:
I’m honestly not the biggest fan of WF’s grid implementation, I love it when hand coding but I found it very frustrating to work with inside WF

@RDaneelOliwav I agree, it could use some work. Hopefully gets some more love over time. Thanks for the help here.

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Was my pleasure :slight_smile: