Polytechnique Environmental

Nice little site for an environmental company :slight_smile:

Site Link: http://polytechnique-environmental.webflow.io/
Webflow Link: https://webflow.com/website/Polytechnique-Environmental


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dang. you’ve been busy

@PixelGeek ikr - just going through the backlog of sites and sharing them :slight_smile:

Nice design. I like the layout, color and the copy on this site and it’s speedy.

  • There is no phone number to tap on mobile. I have to thumb the menu at the top of my phone to go to the contact page. Again, two interactions when the phone number on the page one would work best on mobile.

  • The About page is not About the company, it’s about the customer and what you can do for the customer. There are zero mentions of “You” in the copy of the About page. A prime example: “Our approach to project management brings.” This really needs to be written in more of an active, client centered direction. Read the following:

Our approach to project management brings:

  • An integrated, seamless team that can handle broad technical coverage and multiple simultaneous tasks.
  • Unparalleled environmental consulting experience/expertise
  • Familiarity and working relationships with regulatory agencies.
  • A proven track record of creative and effective problem solving, collaborative team building, and innovative approaches.
  • Multidisciplinary expertise, knowledge of, and direct experience with environmental issues.
  • Integrated Health & Safety, Quality Assurance, and senior technical review.

This is all about the company’s capabilities, not what or how these capabilities help me or how they pertain to me. It’s just a pseudo list of facts without a context as to how you use them to help me with my problem(s) or that I can solve my problems with your help.

  • No CTA. What is the point of this site? First rules of sales: ask for the sale. There is no offer here.

Over-all, nice design. The copy needs work.

Take care,

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Thanks @itbrian40,

A lot of this is from the client and there’s not much I can do there tbh, I think they probably had a different overarching strategy :slight_smile:


:laughing: I’ll say it’s “overarching”… their customers. Nothing you can do. You’ve done your part of the gig well.

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