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Poll: Should Webflow automatically switch tabs inside the editor?

Currently, Webflow automatically switches the right sidebar tabs when you click on an element (for example, if you’re on the Add Tab and you select an element, Webflow switches to the Style Tab).

We are considering not doing this automatically (that is, always leaving the tabs untouched until you click on them manually or use the A S D F G keyboard shortcuts), but wanted to hear thoughts from the community.

If you use Webflow regularly, we’d really appreciate your vote on the following question:

Should Webflow automatically switch tabs when elements are selected?

  • Yes - I want Webflow to make the decision (current behavior)
  • No - Leave my tabs alone, I can switch them myself

If possible, I’d kind of like the Navigator (F) to not switch, but for the others it’s handy. For that matter, I’d kind of like it if when I add a new element from the Add (A) tab, for it to switch to the Style tab automatically, which it doesn’t do now.

I think it shouldn’t switch. I understand I have to use A-F as hotkeys. I’m using also 1-4 for different device view. But it’s getting frustrating sometimes :wink:

Is it possible to make some of these features, like this one, optional to the user? On or off type of thing… Just curious.