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Poll: Give your feedback on the new Webflow UI

I don’t like that the bottom bar is light grey. It’s distracting, a darker grey would be preferred.

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Maybe an option to switch based on preference? I started using the tool just before the change and I really like the way it works currently.

I like the new look and feel, it is very fresh and clean. My issue with the add panel is, when it opens it covers a small portion of the site. While it probably does not effect the usability at all, I think mentally is becomes distracting.

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Overall I really like the changes and see where you are going with them. They make practical user sense to me … To fine tune it a bit having the add button open on the right is more natural for me and it would not block the content I may be moving the mouse to drop it on. I love the 4 views in the top bar center. Would help to move the preview button over just to the left of them. Pages on the left is great and very natural to use there. The publish buttons top to the right, excellent. Love the right side settings panel, very natural and easy to use there. I could use the duplicate drop down to be more of a contrast … not sure if that was a setting on my computer or the change but it’s light gray text on a white back ground and hard to see is all …

hey you guys are brilliant, this is really easy stuff to figure out and use yet really powerful and time saving … that little gear option on the row views - wow! love that thing and the other 2 options … to try to figure out how to do that manually or tweak it out in the settings every time would be time consuming but all I have to do is click one and see what it does, click the next, etc … then choose the best one for that size device …awesome!

My humble opinions would be:

  • There is a ton of empty space now on the left bar … Not sure if that needs to be for future updates but as of now, it would be less cluttered overall to just get rid of the top bar and move it all back to the left bar like before. I also prefer the preview and publish buttons to be side by side… which they’re were before on the original left bar - now they’re at opposite ends of the new top bar.
  • the top bar and bottom bar are distracting because they clash with the canvas area for designing
  • The add panel is nice to have on the right because it stays open so I can continuously drag things out without it closing, and also because it doesn’t cover over my design

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The greys feel nicer than before - especially on the right panel. The biggest thing I dislike about the change is how small the preview button and icons on the left panel are. Before it was much easier to swipe my cursor over to the left and hit the big eye to preview my work. Now it’s small and obscure, up the top. It simply takes more time to be able to preview my project and requires thinking rather than an intuitive swipe.

I’ve also noticed preview is slightly more buggy than it used to be. Sometimes the CSS3 animations don’t work and you have to click the preview button another time to get them to show properly. Overall, the grey scheme is better but I believe the layout should be reverted back. The left panel should also be darker, but the right panel’s greys are fine imo.

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Keep the add-panel and the top-panel.
Some feedback:

  • Make the Preview button bigger and since it is a “toogle”-button skip the devider between the button and the “X” making it seem like you have a very tiny area to cancel the preview-mode on.

  • The publish-button is also too small and very hidden where it is placed today, maybe put it closer to the preview-button?

  • Only “nice to have” but I really liked the old publish rocket icon :slight_smile:

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I have to say I realy love the current Webflow UI. It look clean. The workflow is just as good as before with few adjustments. I really like the ADD panel being on the left side letting me to have my setting/style panel open all the time. I agree with one of the Webflow Forum users about the bottom bar appearence. It should not be that light grey but remain the color of the rest of the UI.

Now… speaking of the top and bottom bars. I really like them, but they take precious 70-75px. When you have a big screen (resolution) it’s great to work with that. But once you are forced to work on 800px height of screen you get even less place to create stuff. But then again… I like them being on top and bottom. Breadcumbs should be available to turn off/on. I’m still using another (earlier) way to get to the proper object or I’m using navigator panel (which I love, by the way!). Breadcumbs are a great feature that should be able to be hidden. The top bar is fine after all.

Another thing is, that I really like to work on the portrait screen (1200x1920) which let me see my entire website (well… most of it). The problem are panels which can’t be taken away from the original view. Maybe this could be a feature some day, who knows? :).



I very much love the new layout. However, It would be interesting to see the top bar removed and merged with the left bar. Bottom bar is perfect. It is the most helpful addition to the new UI.


Hi thesergie,

Like the the new UI and think that
Tatyana_Voroniuk’s suggestion about customizing media queries would be very helpful.



it’s ok with new layout but there is only one issue for me. Add panel auto-hide is not useful. Add an option that we can switch between auto-hide or manual.

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Personally, I like the update.

I think I understand the logic of moving the Add panel to the left since both the Pages and Add Element items are grouped as “creation” items and the stuff on the right panel is grouped as “modifying” items. That left bar does seems awfully bare compared to everything else though. It does seem odd to me, however, that the Pages button is redundant to the button on the left side of the top bar which displays the current page name. Is it me or do they do the same thing? Seems to me one should stay and the other should go. That is, unless I’m overlooking something.

I also agree that the light grey bottom bar feels out of place. Since all of the other application chrome is the dark gray, that bottom bar really gets lost and could possibly be mistaken for part of the page design by less than experienced users (I’m mainly thinking clients who are brand new to Webflow).

I wish the preview button would get friendly with the stuff on the right side of the top bar and scoot right over there since all of those items are what I would consider “File” items.

Overall I dig the direction and look forward to seeing how it evolves. I’m sure the team is swamped with everyone giving their 2 cents, but I hope mine is helpful.



Probably just echoing others here, but I really like the new layout. The add panel over on the left is taking some time to get used to, but I understand why it’s been moved there. I just wish it didn’t autohide. It was so quick adding a section, container and row when it didn’t autohide.


I like the new layout, but I would also prefer if the Add panel was a tab on the right like before so I can drag element after element without opening it up again and again. I just wish that all bars and panels would hide when previewing the site (just have a floating button or discrete black bar at the top to go back to the design view)


Like the new layout. Changes are in good direction however top bar can merge with left bar. It is a bit distracting to have it at the top. And bottom bar can be less tall as well.

I think the top bar is very distracting, it has too much influence on the visual appearance of any site design. When on the left, this effect is much less noticeable. To see my site design without this visual weight, I have to click twice - once on the preview icon then once on the ‘hide’ icon. Even then, very light designs are visually influenced by the toggle icon.

The bottom bar is very useful.

Add panel was much more usable as a palette that could be kept open like a toolbox drawer.


I like everything except the fact that you have to open the Add Elements (A) panel every time you want to add an element, since it closes automatically. Is there a way to keep it open like it used to be?

And maybe I’m still used to the way it used to be, but it feels odd being on the left when every other panel is on the right. But I can get used to that.

Otherwise, I think the new interface is a big improvement, especially the bottom bar.


I think you should drop the add pages and just keep the one on the top bar that operates as a title for the page as well. I preferred the add elements panel on the right, however even if it stays on the left i wish it would push the design to the side instead of overlaying it, which sometimes requires that i drag an element over and the reposition it once the panel is closed. The interactions took me a second to find in the symbols panel.

The bottom bar is awesome. I like the addition of the top bar as well. Awesome product overall guys!

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